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Rebreather Diver Training

All New SSI Rebreather Certification It’s Easy

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SSI has introduced the all new Poseidon and KISS CCR Rebreather Programs….no need to be certified for scuba…..a new diver can be certified only to dive on the Poseidon MkVI rebreather.  Imagine diving a practically automatic rebreather….it does most of it’s own system check….the diver can only add air or bail out onto scuba…It is lighter than your existing scuba system and easier to learn to dive with……

Or move into the KISS Rebreathers….for the more astute diver. This is a fully manual system that allows the diver to control the entire system without needing to depend on electronics underwater.


All New KISS Spirit CCR Program. The KISS Spirit is designed to take the CCR Diver to the next level of diving. No electronics and fully manual CCR, the rebreather has the best trim and work of breathing than any other unit in the industry…. click the pix above to see the KISS unit assembly.


Only $750!!! For Poseidon Training

Poseidon CCR Training Special now $750 all inclusive…training, unit, gasses, text book, and sorb…regularly $850 …click here for more information


 Poseidon MkVI

Poseidon MkVI Rebreather Diver Training

Sign up for your own private rebreather class on the Poseidon MkVI Rebreather…..for only $750…that’s right $750!! This includes the use of the canister of sorb, all the gasses you need and all of your dives with certification card.  Your classes consist of two classrooms, two to three pool sessions…they are really easy….and 6 dives with the rebreather.  This rebreather will adapt to most of your buoyancy control systems that you may have…

or use one of ours…..

Why the Poseidon???


It is the only recreational ccr in the diving universe

It automatically adjusts to the diver and does most of the pre-dive system checks for the diver…not all…just most!

There’s only two things the diver can do underwater with the units…

Dive or switch to scuba and bailout

There are no manual addition valves…no PO2’s to chase…just dive like you are on scuba and …..

Enjoy warm, wet breathing gas….lighter system than scuba….up to four hours of extended dive time per dive…less nitrogen loading….

And a nice warm feeling all over while you’re diving

Kiss Rebreathers





3 Great ways to learn:

  • Pay for Tuition and Rent the Unit $1250
  • Pay for Tuition and Purchase the Unit $1250 +??
    Enjoy FREE rental for a year and receive $1500 back to the purchase of your own unit within one year!!!


Benefits of Rebreather Diving

  • Warm, Moist Breathing Gas, No More Cotton Mouth
  • Low Nitrogen Exposures, you virtually have an on board Nitrox mixing station
  • No “LOW ON AIR” Issues
  • Dive with Smaller Cylinders
  • Dive Longer, Dive practically as long as you want to
  • Dive Deeper, extra duration helps with decompression stops
  • Silent Diving lets you get closer to the Marine Life
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • No Bubbles
  • Better Pictures
  • Better Video
  • Easier Hunting
  • Greater Exploration of the Underwater World


How Does it Work?


The rebreather comes in two basic configurations: constant mix, (fO2) or a constant pressure (dosage or PO2) rebreathers. Both units do similar yet distinctly different functions. The rebreathers will take your exhausted breath which is rich in carbon dioxide, and absorb that gas through a scrubber device. The scrubber canister has an absorbent media, usually soda lime, that absorbs your exhaled gasses. This in turn  creates a hydrothermic reaction and the gasses not only get scrubbed of carbon dioxide but become warm and wet. The rebreathers will then re-introduce oxygen enriched gas back into the breathing loop. Imagine bottom times of 2-5 hours or more without ever having to surface for a refill!


The Programs We Teach


SSA is one of the largest rebreather diver training facilities in the United States.  We offer SCR and CCR Rebreather training for the entire line of KISS Rebreathers. KISS Classic, KISS Sport, KISS GEM, KISS Explorer and the new KISS Spirit.
We also have offer training for the Titan, Inspiration, Evolution and the Poseidon MKVI rebreathers.

Use your existing scuba equipment with the unit! No reinvesting needed!

Rusty Berry started diving with CCRs in 1996 with the UT-240 and became an ANDI Technical Diving Instructor the same year. Shortly afterward, he began diving Dreager rebreathers. In 1998-99 , helped create a transitional rebreather program for the sport diver and in 1999, became an SSI Instructor Certifier. In 2001 he began utilizing the Inspiration and Evolution units, KISS Units in 2005 and the Poseidon unit in 2010. As a Technical Instructor with more than 15,000 dives under his belt, Rusty understands the needs and concerns for the technical and sport diver. SSA is proud to be the largest rebreather training facility in the U.S. and was awarded the CORE award in 2007 for Retailing Excellence! SSA is the place to go for your rebreather training by the Industry expert!
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