Rusty Berry, CEO & Director of Education

rustywithturtleRusty Berry, CEO & Director of Education

Diving since the age of 12, Rusty became a diving instructor at California Skin Diving Schools in 1983. While attending Azusa Pacific University, he worked for some of the early legends of the Southern California sport diving industry. Buying into his first dive store in 1987, he developed new training ideas for sport divers while moving into the technical realm of diving in the early 1990’s.  Being an avid sports enthusiast, Rusty was one of the earliest technical diving instructors in Southern California.  He was one of the very first to utilize rebreather technologies for sport divers, while the rest of the industry was stuck on SCUBA, Rusty had the vision to pursue the rebreathers for the sport and technical diver.


By the 2000’s Rusty was seen as the leader in both Technical and Rebreather Diver Training in the Southern California area.  With over 18 different rebreather model certifications he found ways of making diving easier and safer for the rebreather diver.

” I see the primary issue for the diving instructor is to spend time with the new diver. Even though most programs in the industry are a 2-4 day and maybe 4 dives, I refuse to reduce the quality of our programs by short cutting out divers.  We will spend the necessary time it takes and train our divers so they are the safest, most well trained and equipped divers in the industry”.

Having helped with the development of educational programs and training tools with Scuba Schools International, American Nitrox Divers, International, and the National Association of Scuba Diving Schools, you can rest assured that this instructor has the knowledge and professional skills to train you appropriately and keep you diving.

Rusty started in 2011 to facilitate a way to get Boy Scouts into scuba inexpensively and safely. In 2012 alone, over 185 new Boy Scouts were certified as Open Water Divers with Rusty and his staff.


He now pursues his passion for diving and biking with his wife Niki and his son Teran.

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You may contact Rusty at 909-621-4171 or
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