Marine Identification Class


Please join us for this fantastic class as part of the underwater Explorer Series!  We have had an overwhelming response since the inception of these classes in late 2009!  Many, many hours of work and an abundance of research have gone in to both parts of the Underwater Explorer Series so we’d love for you to take advantage of our hard work and attention to detail!

We look forward to improving every diver’s underwater experience- each and every time they enter the water by giving them the tools they need to truly appreciate this exciting underwater world!

In the Marine Life ID Class: You’ll learn about a wide variety of fish, invertebrate, shark and ray species, along with receive insightful information on local and invasive plant species!  We’ll discuss interesting facts that are not known by most divers about the species they observe- including mating rituals, identifying characteristics and how those change throughout the life cycle, cleaning station interactions and more!

In the Underwater Ecology Class: You’ll gain a new perspective and certainly a new, deep appreciation for the interactions and connectedness of our marine environment.  From inshore water sources all the way to deep water currents, we’ll cover the major interacting forces that control much of the life on this planet, and how the balance between life and death rests on cycles and species that you would never even consider as playing such a vital role in our own survival!

Cost for each series of classes, Marine Life ID and Underwater Ecology are $125.  This includes the lecture series, educational materials, pool session (Marine ID Only), test and certification card.  We also deeply encourage you to complete a boat dive to practice your skills and get additional assistance in identifying species and interactions that you see.

Love what you’re reading but need more info?!  That’s okay!  Call one of our Marine ID Specialists today at 888-99-SCUBA to find out more or to confirm your enrollment in this course!
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