SCUBA Rangers

The Scuba Ranger program is the perfect program for that 8-10 year old that want to dive into the world of scuba.   Take direction from Captain Kelp, Puffer and an assortment of fun diving characters and learn the appropriate skills of basic scuba diving.  Earn your Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Silver Ranger, White Ranger, and Blue Ranger badges as you progress through skills in the pool that are appropriate for younger divers.


Progress from the classroom to the pool and then to the open water. The Scuba Ranger Program will take the new Ranger into the ocean, (up to 10ft of water) to experience what every Ranger wants to…….play with the fishes!!  Call the store and schedule a coaching session with the Scuba Ranger Team Leader and get started. 888-99-SCUBA


Here’s on of our newest Scuba Rangers Harley Thomas…
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