Personalized Total Dive Systems

Picking out a Total Dive System is an exciting endeavor. Having your own system is not plus by leaving you in a relaxed state of mind of knowing your own gear. But it also allows you to get a little stylish with your state-of-the-art life support equipment.  Just recently Mike Daniels and David Dunlop came into the SSA Store and talked about moving into their own Total Dive Systems.

Mike did a bit of his homework online and was familiar with a few brands through his google searches. They were educated on the functions and beneficial features on each piece of a total dive system.  Taking their newly acquired knowledge and designing their own Dive Systems. Here is a hint of what each of their systems will entail.


Mike Daniels designed the following System:

  • 7mm SCUBAX Semi Dry Wetsuit
  • Oceanic BUD Computer
  • 32″ Large Pressure Gauge
  • Tilos Air Delivery
  • Oceanic BioLite Travel BCD
  • Tilos Regulator Bag
David Dunlop designed the following System:
  • Custom BCD Ballistic Black with Yellow piping
  • Oceanic Air XS Safe Second
  • Veo 3.0 Dive Computer
  • Oceanic Alpha 9 Air Delivery
  • Tilos Armor 7mm Semi Dry Wetsuit
  • Tilos regulator bag

We would just like to Congratulate Mike Daniels and David Dunlop for picking up their Total Dive Systems! We look forward to seeing you getting your new gear wet. I will see you guys in the depths of the sea!
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