SSA Custom Buoyancy Compensator

The SSA Custom Buoyancy Compensator comes standard with the following features:

  • Custom-tailored BCD: Measured and designed to fit the individual diver's Chest, Waist, Torso and shoulder measurements
  • Customized Color and Logo design:  Select bladder, piping, trim and bungee color
  • Emergency release weight pockets
  • Pull-out goody bag on one side of BC.

Additional Upgrades for the SSA Custom BC are available as follows:

  • Padded Lumbar
  • Waist Cumberbund
  • Removable tank straps for optional rebreather set up
  • Stainless Steel Tank buckles
  • Additional D-rings built into BCD Bladder stripe for pony bottle usage

SSA Custom Buoyancy Compensator

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Price: from $49.00

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