San Clemente Island

Diving conditions at San Clemente Island are known for the clearest, warmest waters of all eight Channel Islands. Located in the southern most region of California this island receives the warmest waters from the tropical currents from the south. Giant kelp beds, schools of fish, coral banks, and shear walls make this a diver’s paradise. Waters in the summer can reach over 70 degrees Fahrenheit and photographers flock to this island for some of the best wide angle photography available in California.

Most of the prime scuba diving is located at each end of the island. The East end is more protected and offers pinnacles, shear walls, and protected shallow kelp covered coves. The West end is more exposed to the Westerly winds and swells but has some of the more prolific areas found off California. 9 fathom reef  is a rocky structure with shear walls covered in purple hydrocoral. This is an open ocean diving location and is swept by currents and swells so diving this area can be tricky. Once dove, it is never forgotten.
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