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  Swim Schools of America is a division of Scuba Schools of America in Montclair, CA. Our company is based upon a commitment to customer service and an un-bridled desire to train both our swimmers and divers with care and compassion to create safe swimmers and divers. If you have special needs please let us know. We are positive we can assist everyone in and out of the water. Join the fastest growing swimming program in Southern California…SSA Swimming! Swim Schools of America,  now incorporates the same professional training you expected of our divers into the wonderful world of swimming. All classes are based upon your schedule with our professional swimming instructors. Our pool is always 90 degrees year round and open 7 days a week for your training or practicing pleasure.   The first day of lessons is typically spent evaluating the ability level and comfort of the student. Based on this first class our instructors are able to place students in the correct level and work towards your individual goals. Beginner – Introduction to the wonderful world of water. Comfort is a large part of learning how to swim. The first steps are to become aware of your surroundings and body positioning. At the beginner level we work on floating, developing proper kicking, and arm motions. Class Objectives:

  • §  Comfortably place face in water and blow bubbles
  • §  Proper kicking technique
  • §  Swimmers learn to roll over on their back
  • §  Front Crawl to the wall and proper independent pool entry/exit
  • §  Back float completely with no assistance
  • §  Front float completely with no assistance
  • §  Submerge completely under water

Intermediate – Stroke development and goal setting. The goal of this level is to introduce breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly, as well as continue to develop proper technique of front crawl and back stroke. Class Objectives:

  • §  Proper technique of front crawl and complete 10 yd swim
  • §  Proper technique of backstroke and complete 10 yd swim
  • §  Begin to learn proper side-breathing and breath control
  • §  Streamline & Tread water
  • §  Begin to learn Breaststroke
  • §  Begin to learn butterfly
  • §  Begin to learn proper turns

Advanced – Stroke technique and endurance. Student is proficient in front crawl, backstroke, breast stroke and butterfly. At this level stroke techniques are refined and the flip turn is introduced. Class Objectives:

  • §  Master side breathing
  • §  Master breast stroke
  • §  Complete full lap of front crawl
  • §  Complete full lap of backstroke
  • §  Master butterfly
  • §  Begin to learn flip turns
  • §  Increase endurance
  • §  Refine timing

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