California Diving


Our local travel destinations include much of the southern California coast and the local Southern Channel Islands.  It is always surprising that so many eager students and new divers are unaware of the beauty and incredible plant and animal life that fills our local waters.  Not only do we have the flourishing kelp forests that so much of the rest of the world is lacking, but the currents that sweep by our coastline bring nutrient-rich waters that feed this vital part of the world’s ocean life!   This results in awesome and unique dive experiences being able to be had throughout the year!

We do have a select group of dive boats that we choose to use throughout the year for our standard charters as well as several boats that are utilized for more specialty trips.  While we typically dive along Catalina, San Clemente or Santa Barbara Islands, we also travel down to Wreck Alley in San Diego, out beyond the local islands to Tanner and Cortez Banks as well as up North to Ventura and the Northern Channel Islands.

Not as often, we do also go beach diving.  Beach diving, for most of our divers, is an occasional alternative to boat diving.  The simple fact is that beach diving is significantly more arduous than diving off of a boat, you don’t tend to do as many dives off of the beach as you do off of a boat in a single day, and the visibility and experiences typical off of the beach do not come close to those our divers enjoy while boat diving.  That’s not to say that we don’t beach dive, it just certainly is not as often as our boat dives.

Ultimately, our customers get into diving for fun and want the best possible experience every time they put that air delivery in their mouth.  If this activity is meant to be an escape and mini-vacation from their day-to-day, it should be a relaxing, exciting and enjoyable dive on every single dive.

For more information about our local dive schedule, check out the calendar on this site or contact the store at 888-99-SCUBA.

Thanks and HAPPY DIVING!
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