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Domestic Trips

California Diving


Our local travel destinations include much of the southern California coast and the local Southern Channel Islands.  It is always surprising that so many eager students and new divers are unaware of the beauty and incredible plant and animal life that fills our local waters.  Not only do we have the flourishing kelp forests that so much of the rest of the world is lacking, but the currents that sweep by our coastline bring nutrient-rich waters that feed this vital part of the world’s ocean life!   This results in awesome and unique dive experiences being able to be had throughout the year! Read more →

Cortes Bank

A shallow seamount – a barely submerged island in the North Pacific Ocean. It is about 100 miles west of Point Loma San Diego, USA, and about 50 miles south-west of San Clemente Island. It is known for clear water, vast kelp forests and abundant sea life.

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Oil Rigs

Sitting roughly 10 miles from the coast of Southern California you find the Oil Rigs. The oil rig pillars and cross beams act as an open water oasis – a home for reef & wall critters, and a resting/feeding stop for open ocean species. They make excellent artificial reefs. Read more →

San Clemente Island

Diving conditions at San Clemente Island are known for the clearest, warmest waters of all eight Channel Islands. Located in the southern most region of California this island receives the warmest waters from the tropical currents from the south. Giant kelp beds, schools of fish, coral banks, and shear walls make this a diver’s paradise. Waters in the summer can reach over 70 degrees Fahrenheit and photographers flock to this island for some of the best wide angle photography available in California.

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Santa Barbara Island

Santa Barbara Island is known for its large rookery where you can spend hours diving with sea lions. Photographers get more opportunities to photograph these animals up close here than any Channel Island. The playful, curious pups will pose and frolic in front of a diver’s lens as long as one can stay in the water. Read more →

Santa Catalina

Catalina is known for its calmer, clearer, and warmer waters. Even though Catalina is the most populated dive site of any other Channel Island; it is still sought out by scuba divers around the globe. Lush kelp forest, garibaldi, yellowtail, kelp bass, white seabass, giant black sea bass, leopard sharks, blacksmiths, opaleyes and many more surround this island. Photography and sightseeing are the main activities but free divers enjoy the possibilities of spearing Sheephead, Yellowtail and White Seabass.

Tanner Bank

A chain of underwater pinnacles and plateaus located 120 nautical miles (nm) South by Southeast of Santa Barbara, California and 35 miles West by Southwest of San Clemente Island This bank rises within 80 feet of the surface and is considered one of the best advanced open water dive locations on the California coast. It features clear water and abundant sea life.

Wreck Alley


Wreck Alley is an artificial reef approximately one mile off the San Diego coast near Mission Bay. What is there to explore?

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