Wreck Alley


Wreck Alley is an artificial reef approximately one mile off the San Diego coast near Mission Bay. What is there to explore?

  • Yukon: This 366-foot Canadian destroyer was scuttled in 2000 and is 105 feet below the surface. It is almost completely intact and considered California’s most popular wreck dive.
  • Ruby E: A 165-foot former Coast Guard Cutter scuttled in 1989, it is completely covered with anemones and marine encrustations at 85 feet below the surface.
  • El Rey: Resting at 75 feet, this 100-foot-long kelp cutter was sunk by a Navy demolition team in 1987.
  • NOSC tower: This Naval Ocean Systems Center tower collapsed in a 1988 storm and now sits in 60 feet of water.
  • P-38: The World War II fighter plane rests at 130 feet.
  • Other features: There is also a barge and two other wrecks called Shooters Fantasy and Strider.
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